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    Behavioral Marketing Platform

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We transform the mobile network into a consumer behavior and intent prediction platform. Using cutting edge AI and big data techniques, we’re able to ingest technical logs from the network equipment of mobile operators, processing signals from real customers in real-time, inferring individual and collective information at scale.

Use Cases

Our technology and superior AI analytics platform is not limited to any particular use case and has limitless possibilities. Here are some specific use cases we're working on right now. Our cross-functional big-data platform is being deployed inside the telco premises, thus eliminating any data being taken away from the data center, while enabling real-time data ingestion, storage and analytics for any current or future use case.

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Behavioral Marketing

Using anonymized profiles of the subscribers — their demographic, behavioral data, interersts and geolocation, we've created a service that enables targeting in digital advertising for marketing services, ad agencies, as well as publishers.

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Credibility scoring

We're actively developing a platform that will automatically determine creditworthiness of the subscribers.

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Site Categorization

We've opened one of our internal services as a showcase.


Interests and behaviors

Total expirance



Inferred Profiles


We infer individual and collective behavior information, such as Demographics (age, gender), Languages, that user understands, Interests of users, Behavioral information (for example, does the user own a pet etc), Important locations (work, home, current), Call habits, users used to exhibit.